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10T Crane Kit Top Running (Wire Rope Hoist)

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SKU: 10t-crane-kit-top-running Category:


    R&M crane kits provide a complete set of crane components, featuring the state-of-the-art Spacemaster® SX wire rope hoist and incorporating modern technology. They come with variable frequency drives for the trolley and bridge, ensuring smooth beginnings and endings of movement. Assembly is facilitated by plug-in electrical connections* and straightforward bolted structural links.

    These kits include everything necessary to construct your overhead bridge crane except for the bridge steel, paint, and the manual labor and tools required for construction. Our guidance extends to suggesting the appropriate bridge beam size. With each kit, we support through our expert team, accessible via a toll-free call. We’re equipped to assist with queries throughout your project and can offer additional services like runway design and CAD drawings for your crane system.

    R&M SPACEMASTER® SX ELECTRIC WIRE ROPE HOISTS The Spacemaster® SX is at the forefront of a new wave of highly dependable electric wire rope hoists, marked by innovative technology and superior performance.

    Its unique design, featuring a notably large drum diameter, ensures the Spacemaster® SX hoists have the industry’s most compact headroom and finest wheel loads, achieving almost perfect vertical lifting for single reeved hoists, along with outstanding hook positioning and lifting heights. Distinctive attributes include hassle-free, sealed brakes; a dual-speed hoist motor; and controlled trolley movement. These hoists come with a CSA c/us rating and a NEMA 3R rating for electrical housings as standard.

    Designed to surpass the standards of either ASME H3 or ASME H4 duty (FEM 1Am, 2m or 3m), Spacemaster® SX hoists are crafted for superior load management, operational safety, and long-lasting, reliable performance.

    Our standard configurations comprise normal headroom, low headroom, and double girder trolley designs. Meeting various application needs, our hoists are available in:

    • Capacities from 2 to 160 tons
    • Lifting heights from 13ft to 320ft.
    • Lifting speeds from 10/1.5 to 62/10 fpm (3/0.5 to 19/3 m/min)
    • Power options include 208, 230, 460, 575/3/60 or 380/3/50
    • Options of single or double reeving

    QX® BRIDGE CONTROLS KEY FEATURES: The standard inverter supports dual speed or variable speed control Certified CSA c/us NEMA 4 type control casings Centralized contactor Built-in mainline disconnect switch Simplified plug-in connections for assembly and maintenance* 115 Volt transformer with secured secondary Compatible with power supplies of 208, 230, 460, or 575/3/60, and 380/3/50, with a control voltage of 115 Volt (48 Volt optional)

    QX® FESTOON SYSTEMS: Hangs from sturdy galvanized steel C-track Simple plug connections* for easy installation, maintenance, and replacement, reducing downtime and electrician costs Galvanized steel cable carriers with robust cable support Durable PVC flat cables, UL listed and CSA approved, withstanding temperatures from -31ºF to +221ºF (-35ºC to +105ºC) Manageable plug-in pushbutton station for all operations (8 buttons including an emergency stop) Separate C-track for the pendant station, keeping the operator at a safe distance from the load.