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R&M QL crane packages are designed to work as a complete system, so every component, from the hoist selection to the bridge drives and girder size, are designed to work together. This means you are getting a fully optimized package to maximize your floor coverage and make the best use of your building space! With standard features like inverter controlled trolley and bridge motions for smooth starts and stops, plug-and-play connections for easy assembly and maintenance, and the quietest chain hoist on the market, the QL electric chain hoist crane will help you rise above your material handling challenges.

Standard Features

Why choose a QL electric chain hoist crane?

QL electric chain hoist cranes are a total package solution for your light-duty material handling needs. The crane components have been designed as a complete system to maximize efficiency and optimize your floor space. As part of our offering, we are bringing you the best quality components available for electric chain hoist cranes in the market, including a C-track style festoon, all metallic hoist body and electrical enclosures, and our bridge and trolley drives that are designed in-house specifically for use on cranes.


Every LK electric chain hoist comes standard with our innovative slip clutch overload device, protecting you from dangerous accidental overloads. With the slip clutch device, if an operator attempts to lift a load beyond the rated capacity, the load will only be able to be lowered safely to the ground. Additionally, the LK electric chain hoist is equipped with a rocker style limit switch to prevents overtravel of the hook block into the hoisting machinery. The rocker limit design maximizes headroom and safety. 

The crane is equipped with all inverter controlled trolley and bridge motions, meaning reduced load swing and better safety. The inverter controls also significantly reduce brake wear on the trolley and bridge.