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5 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Overhead Crane

The Pont Roulant Protech company has been in business since 1990. It offers its customers the expertise and adequate facilities to design and manufacture lifting devices up to 250 tons and with greater spans that can exceed 125 feet. The company continues to grow in its field of expertise based on strategic approaches focused on the needs and expectations of its customers. In this article, Maxime Pilon, sales representative and Katrie Beauvais, general manager at PROTECH, tell us about the important elements to consider before purchasing a lifting device.




Self-supporting or semi-self-supporting, for indoor or outdoor use, there are several models of lifting devices: overhead crane, monorail, jib, hoist, lifting beam, gantry, are all pieces of equipment that can meet different needs. Choose a device based on the loads to be moved (weight, speed, vertical and horizontal distances) and the working environment.


For this first step, do not hesitate to consult your advisor to help you clearly define the equipment you need. If standard products do not suit your needs, Pont Roulant Protech has the capacity to custom manufacture the structure that will give you complete satisfaction. Thanks to their submerged arc welding method, they are one of the rare suppliers able to build box girders to equip overhead cranes whose span can exceed 125 feet.




Even at a higher cost, always choose equipment that is designed, manufactured, installed and distributed by North American companies and for which the supply of spare parts will be quick and easy. Their proven reliability and durability make them a winning choice!




It's important to make sure that all the components of a piece of lifting equipment, such as an overhead crane, for example, are of high quality, that they come from reputable companies and, finally, that they comply with the industry's CSA standards.




It is important to ensure that the chosen company has the expertise necessary to manufacture your future equipment. For example, the Pont Roulant Protech team is made up of dynamic and motivated technicians, welders, fitters, and electromechanics. They all have at least 10,000 hours of work under their belt and have an average of 15 years of experience in the field. Everyone constantly undergoes advanced training in order to meet quality and safety standards and thus comply with the expectations of their customers. See the range of services.


Pont Roulant Protech also offers a 24/7 service, to respond to all emergencies or to carry out an intervention during your planned production shutdown periods.




Finally, look for a maximum warranty, covering parts and labor for a period of two years.


“At Pont Roulant Protech, our commitment to quality reduces the risk of errors during the work and ensures that you receive a safe and efficient service. All our services are provided in-house, with no sub-contracting. We are very proud to say that our quality standards exceed those of the industry!" - Katrie Beauvais, General Manager


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