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Smart Diagnosis

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Check the status of your equipment directly on a phone or tablet. Thanks to our smart diagnostics system, you can prevent costly downtime.


The R&M brand is our customers' favorite hoist brand. Whether you need a small chain hoist with a capacity of ¼ ton or a 250-ton hoist, R&M has a hoist for you! 

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Spacemaster® SX Cable Hoists with Capacities from ½ - 250 Tons

Palan SX "Low Headroom"

SX Low Headroom Trolley

Compact, space-saving design. The best solution for single overhead cranes.

Palan SX à hauteur normale

SX Normal Headroom Trolley

Monorail and overhead crane application.

Chariot pour pont roulant double poutre

SX Double Girder Trolley

High capacities and special applications available. Free space and greater height.

Palans pour sites dangereux

EX Hazardous Location Hoists

Class 1, division 2 with groups B, C and D, and temperature class T3.

Class 1, division 1 with groups C and D, and temperature class T4.