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mechanical/heavy vehicle in large hangar


several overhead cranes and self-supporting jib cranes


New installation at the Pointe-Claire garage, including overhead cranes and freestanding jib. Several other projects, such as the new Candiac and Pittfield branches.


New generator garage in Montreal East, 15-ton double girder low headroom overhead crane with freestanding structure.

15-tonne double-girder low headroom overhead crane
free-standing structure for 10-tonne overhead crane

Maclean Engineering

New maintenance garage in Val d’Or, freestanding structure for 10-ton overhead crane with wall jib on the crane structure columns.

Volvo Mack

New garage branch in Laval and Montreal, overhead crane with a capacity of 5 tons for maintenance of heavy vehicles, fixed gantry with a capacity of 5 tons for unloading new trucks.

overhead cranes with a capacity of 5 tonnes
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