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large industrial building, metal frame


For factories that need to lift and transport heavy and bulky loads, we offer industrial overhead cranes. With lifting capacities ranging from 1 to 250 tons, our equipment ensures the stability of materials during transport. Overhead cranes increase the efficiency and productivity of your plant while maintaining employee safety.

7 overhead cranes in 3 large span bays

Weir Canada

New Montreal branch, supply and installation of 7 overhead cranes in 3 large span bays with capacities ranging from 10 tons to 50 tons.

Cascades Holding USA

New paper mill in Oregon in the United States, supply and installation of 3 under running overhead cranes with double hoists with hooks for lifting paper rolls.

3 double hoist overhead traveling cranes
10-tonne overhead crane with self-supporting structure

Ingersoll Rand

New branch in Dorval, 10-ton overhead crane on freestanding structure for maintenance of heavy equipment, 2 workstation cranes of 1-ton capacity on freestanding structure.

Techno Diesel

New garage in Joliette, 2 overhead cranes with 2 x 3 tons hoist working in tandem for lifting a total capacity of 12 tons, wireless radio control and NRG chain (no cable hanging under the crane).

2 3-tonne double hoist overhead cranes
2 7.5-tonne overhead cranes operating in tandem

Access Rental

New Saint-Bruno branch for rental equipment maintenance, 2 x 7.5 tons overhead crane top running in tandem with wireless radio control, NRG electrification system (no cable hanging under the crane), color of crane matching the customer’s logo.

We manufacture made-to-measure lifting equipment to facilitate your industrial activities. 

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