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We offer a consultancy service that allows you to study your project with an engineer who will give you the best advice to reduce replacement costs and optimize your production output.


If you have specific questions or problems relating to the safety assessment of a particular operation of lifting equipment or a problem relating to the spaces provided for their use, this service will be useful to you. You will benefit from a consultation service tailored to your needs. A coaching service is also available to develop specific procedures for special jobs.


Furthermore, if you have any doubts about the safety of using your appliance, we can come to you to carry out a capacity study.


Our engineers team up with you to integrate their knowledge and requirements into your project and offer you value-added service.

Our engineering team offers you several services;


  • Custom design of lifting equipment and self-supporting and semi-self-supporting structures

  • Capacity study of lifting equipment or a structure supporting a lifting device

  • Assessment of the conformity of lifting equipment

  • Study for modernization or replacement

blueprints and a silver laptop


Our team of experts will be able to support you from A to Z.


Our drawing team prepares an overview of your new lifting equipment in 3D for better understanding and visualization.


Protech is proud to offer you unparalleled service for over 30 years.


Call us today for more information!

(450) 560 -9193

Technical drawing of overhead crane
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