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man working in an ergonomic workstation Gorbel 8


gorbel jib crane in large warehouse

Gorbel Jib 

Gorbel Zero Friction roller-mounted pivot and trussed carriage for easy displacement. Gorbel jib cranes are capable of 360 degree rotation.

Gorbel Crane

Gorbel Zero Friction trussed beam and runway track for easy displacement.

gorbel overhead crane in large hangar
smart lifting device G force

Intelligent Lifting Device

  • G-Force hoist with float mode

  • Capacity from 165 lbs to 1320 lbs

Suspended Gorbel Overhead Crane

The Gorbel overhead cranes suspended directly from the ceiling are ideal for small applications of less than 4000 lbs. The crane and trolley are moved manually using frictionless technology.

suspended gorbel overhead crane in a warehouse
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