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Turbomeca monorail


Straight and curved monorails

Straight and/or Curved Monorail

The monorails are custom-made and allow specific pre-established areas to be reached, either in linear and/or sinuous movement (with adapted curves). Capacities can generally reach up to 5 tons.

Suspended or Freestanding Monorail

Monorails can be suspended and/or freestanding.

Monorail Dominion & Grimm
Exchanging monorail

Exchanger Monorail

This type of configuration allows several monorail tracks to be spurred together to reach several specific areas to reach several arrival points. The exchanger is operated manually or mechanically, and is generally used for assembly lines or warehouses.

Telescopic Monorail

Lifting device designed per specific requirements to reach a cantilever lifting point, usually to pass through a door frame.

telescopic monorail
lifeline monorail

Lifeline Monorail

Device allowing workers to access certain critical areas without risk of falling while being adequately attached with a lifeline.