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preventative maintenance, man climbing down ladder wearing hardhat


Pont Roulant Protech offers a tailor-made preventive maintenance program tailored to your needs and your production. Routine maintenance and repairs will also extend the life of your equipment.


Did you know that each year, approximately 10 to 15% of work accidents are related to machines and equipment? Inadequate maintenance of machines and the resulting poor operation explain these accidents more than the use of the machines themselves. It is therefore clear that the health and safety of workers depends in part on good management of equipment, and more precisely, on preventive maintenance of machines.


Call us today to set up your personalized inspection routine! (450) 560-9193


You can also make your request online!

The Act respecting occupational health and safety (section 51.7) stipulates that the employer must take the necessary measures to protect the health and ensure the safety and physical integrity of the worker by providing, among other things, safe equipment and ensuring its good condition.

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