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Large yellow overhead crane. Pont Roulant Protech


Pont Roulant simple crane

Single Girder Overhead Crane

The single girder type is the most common overhead crane. It is generally used for light applications normally up to 10 tons.


  • In some special cases the capacity could go up to 20 tons

  • Maximum range of 100 feet

  • Hoist suspended from bridge beam

Double Girder Overhead Crane

The double girder overhead crane structure is used for heavier applications up to 125 tons and reaching over 100 feet of span. It can also be used to gain lifting height because the hoist of the double girder overhead crane is placed on the beams and the hook fits between them.

Pont Roulant Double crane
Pont Roulant box overhead crane

Box Girder Overhead Crane

Box-type beams are custom-made for large capacities and large spans when W-type beams are no longer sufficient.

Top or Under Running Overhead Crane

Suspended (Under Running) – The rails of a suspended overhead crane are installed in the ceiling of the building, so there is no need for columns, leaving the floor free of obstacles. However, for the same reason, the capacity of this type of crane is limited.

Mounted (Top Running) – The deck is placed on rails and achieves greater capacity than the suspended type because the rails are installed on the columns of the building or self-supporting structure.

Pont Roulant suspended or rail-mounted overhead crane
 Pont Roulant manual or motorized overhead crane

Manual or Motorized Overhead Crane

Small workstations are generally “Manual” moving. However, in order to offer better control, it is recommended to install the “Motorized” type workstation when loads exceed 2 tons.