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Let's Talk Heavy Weight with Pont Roulant Protech

Hoists and overhead cranes come in all sizes, from workstation hoists that lift 250 kg to double gantry cranes that can lift 200 tons or more. From 5-10 ton, hoists and overhead cranes can reasonably be considered to perform heavy lifting. We have the solutions for all your needs.

PONT ROULANT PROTECH has been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining lifting devices in the likes of overhead cranes for 30 years. As a major player in the Quebec industry, Pont Roulant Protech has the expertise and the adequate installations to offer lifting devices up to 250T and with spans exceeding 125 feet. The company continues to grow in its field of expertise based on strategic approaches oriented on the needs and expectations of its customers.


Its lifting devices are generally used in heavy machine shops, mines, aeronautics, metal fabrication and transformation plants, steel warehouses, paper mills, maintenance plants for public transportation and various industrial buildings.


High-capacity Overhead Crane


Cranes with lifting capacities above 50T are not simply an improved version of a smaller crane. Other considerations apply. For example, the size of the crane girder depending on the load weight and span. The working capacity of a heavy-duty overhead crane must withstand higher duty cycles and possibly a higher percentage of high-capacity lifts. In this case, manufacturers must provide stronger mechanical and electrical components.


A single girder design can be used for capacities up to about 25T. If you are lifting more than that, a double beam or box girder with top bearing is more suitable. But switching from a double beam to a twin beam instantly implies a leap in complexity and price. To make the right choice, it is therefore essential to be accompanied by a company with a good understanding of your needs and your environment.


The Flexibility of an Experienced Team


Pont Roulant Protech, offers a flexible consulting service, which allows the client to study his project with an experienced engineer in order to obtain the best advice and thus reduce his costs while optimizing his production output. If the customer has specific questions or problems related to the safety assessment of a particular operation of a lifting device or a problem related to the spaces provided for their use, this service will prove very useful. A coaching service is also available for the elaboration of particular procedures for special jobs. If necessary, a Pont Roulant Protech expert can travel to conduct a capacity study.


Pont Roulant Protech’s team is made up of dynamic and motivated technicians, welders, fitters and electromechanical engineers. They all have at least 10,000 hours of work to their credit and have an average of 15 years of experience in the field. For your project, team up with them to integrate knowledge and requirements!


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