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Pont Roulant Protech and the Public Transportation Industry

The use of overhead cranes and lifting devices is common in several industries. One of them is the public transportation industry, of which Pont Roulant Protech is an important partner for the construction of maintenance garages and the installation of lifting equipment with different capacities according to the customer’s needs.

The Société de transport de Montréal (Montreal Transit Corporation [STM]) and the Agence métropolitaine de transport (Metropolitan Transportation Network [AMT]) are major customers of Pont Roulant Protech. In addition, Pont Roulant Protech’s list of customers now includes the Réseau express métropolitain (Metropolitan Express Network [REM]), a public transportation network for which Pont Roulant Protech is currently carrying out a train maintenance garage project that will be delivered in the Montreal Metropolitan Area in 2021.

For example, for the AMT, we installed our equipment in two maintenance centers, one in Lachine and another in Pointe St-Charles. In both cases, the equipment consisted of a double box 35-ton overhead crane, with a 10-ton auxiliary hoist and another double box 5-tonne overhead crane, both of them on the same runway with a span of 125′, service walkways on each side of the crane boxes and transfer walkways as well integrating lighting below the walkway. The monorail is 1000 feet long over the train rail with two high-speed carts with a capacity of 3 tons each for servicing car air conditioners.


Pont Roulant Protech equipment in the AMT Lachine maintenance centre.


The lifting capacity for buses is lower than for trains. We recently completed the STM’s Stinson maintenance center project.  The specific feature of this project is that the tracks are suspended from the structure with an interlock system between the bus jacks and the overhead cranes.


Installation of Protech AMT Pointe-St-Charles Overhead Cranes.


One of the specific characteristics required for these two customers is the addition of a variable speed hoist control system, providing millimetric precision and smooth maneuvering.  This request was quite rare and we’re proud to have been up to the challenge!


Our products stand out for their high manufacturing quality. Regardless of the project, Protech lifting devices meet applicable technical requirements and standards. We commission your new equipment and take care of electrical connections as well as load tests or any required maintenance.  So don’t hesitate to contact us and request a quote!


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