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Pont Roulant Protech, at Wokr at Cascades

Among the 250 or so projects that Pont Roulant Protech carries out each year, paper mills are taking up more and more space.


This is easy to understand since it is exactly the kind of business whose production requires the movement of very heavy products, such as huge rolls of paper to be transformed into finished products.


On several occasions, the Quebec company Cascades has placed its trust in the Pont Roulant Protech for various needs related to its lifting equipment. Let’s take a closer look at some recent projects.


Using recycled materials, the 19 plants of Cascades Tissue Group manufacture toilet paper and tissue, hand towels and paper towels. The fourth largest tissue manufacturer in North America, Cascades is also the Canadian leader in the industry.


Recently, Cascades announced the closure of its tissue manufacturing and converting operations at its Ransom and Pittston, Pennsylvania mills to relocate them to Pryor’s mill in Oklahoma, Texas. Following a competitive bidding process with three bidders, Cascades retained the services of PONT ROULANT PROTECH for the dismantling and relocation of the lifting equipment and overhead crane structures of these two mills.


As mentioned, David Boudreau, Mechanical Project Engineer, Engineering and Projects Division : “Once the work is completed, the new Pryor plant in Oklahoma will have 15 production lines, including five entirely new ones, designed, manufactured and installed by PONT ROULANT PROTECH. Each line is equipped with an overhead crane with a capacity ranging from 5 to 10 tons. The PONT ROULANT PROTECH team had to be very flexible to carry out work so as not to interfere with production.”


Also in the United States, PONT ROULANT PROTECH was responsible for the design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of the new overhead cranes and structures at the Waygram, North Carolina and Scapoose, Oregon plants. In Quebec, PONT ROULANT PROTECH has already carried out similar work at the Granby, Kingsey Falls and Candiac plants.


PONT ROULANT PROTECH has a proven track record of safe installation for every project, including overhead cranes, jib cranes, self-supporting structures and monorails in industrial sectors such as Cascades. Pont Roulant Protech also carries out the commissioning of new equipment, the electrical connection and all required load tests.


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