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Westrock Project

Pont Roulant Protech is very proud to have designed and installed this highly sophisticated overhead crane at our client Westrock in La Tuque.


Unlike the most common overhead cranes, which carry out bidirectional translation in height, this structure combined the advantages of a gantry, as well as an overhead crane. In fact, it is this type of overhead crane called a “semi-gantry” that we designed for the Westrock pulp and paper factory. On one side, the travel is carried out on a semi-self-supporting structure at height, while on the other, the movement takes place on a rail on the ground. This type of configuration allows for better layout of the work space, without compromising the functionality of the lifting system.


We also worked with the Westrock mill team to create a custom hook for their pulp and paper roll lifting needs. Unlike the majority of traditional hoists, we used 2 cable outlets to meet the needs of our customer. The result is breathtaking. Together, we were able to manufacture this semi-gantry with a capacity of 50,000 kg.


The WestRock pulp and paper mill, the largest private employer in La Tuque, employs nearly 450 people. Once again, Pont Roulant Protech is proud to carry out all your projects, small or large, in lifting systems.


Pont Roulant Protech now has the expertise and adequate facilities to offer lifting devices up to 250 tons and with spans greater than 125 feet. The company continues to grow in its area of expertise based on strategic approaches focused on the needs and expectations of its customers, such as Westrock.


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